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Who are we?

We are NextGen Tutors, a student-run online platform dedicated to providing free, high quality education to everyone. Our platform allows anyone to teach any skill they want to, and learn any skill they would like.

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Who can be a student?

NextGen Tutors allows everyone to be a student in any class they wish. If you would like to be a student, simply sign up or log in and choose the class you would like to register for.

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Who can be a tutor?

NextGen Tutors allows anyone to be a tutor, and teach their own courses. All courses will be monitored for quality, and all tutors will be interviewed to make sure that their material is all ready and they have clarity regarding what they are teaching.

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Who can be an officer?

Any tutor who gains a certain amount of hours and social points will be given officer status. All officers will start off as a very small local officer and then with additional points and hours, they can build their way up to a larger more prestigious officer position.

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How will it benefit me to be a tutor?

All tutors will be given their own custom profile that will showcase all the courses they are currently teaching, along with all the courses that they taught in the past. The tutor profile will also show how many hours the tutor has taught and how many social points they have accumulated. Upon creating a profile, the link can be shared for others to see a through record of all the classes you have taught.

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Is there any cost associated with classes?

All tutors teaching classes are doing so completely voluntarily, which means that no fees or donations will be associated with any course or material. Certain courses may require you to have certain specific tools, however, these will not be sold by the tutor or NextGen Tutors, and it is the responsibility of the student to acquire these materials if the class may need them.

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What if I am associated with another organization?

If you are associated with, or tutoring on behalf of an external organization, you simply need to put the name of the organization when signing up to be a tutor, and give us a link to the organizations website. Once you have done that, you may continue teaching as normal, and your affiliation with the organization will not affect any hour or point calculations.

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Am I risking anything by attending classes?

We make sure that all tutors that teach are completely legitimate and don't have any ulterior motives. We make sure that the material they are showing their students is appropriate and educational. Officers review all the content before publishing on the website. No one including tutors get the access to the user's email. We have also made sure that the security of our website is top notch, and none of your private information will be leaked. However it is mandatory for the parents to accompany their kids while they are taking the classes and report any issue they come across.

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How is quality ensured?

Our interview process is very thorough and we make sure that all tutors are teaching solely because they want to spread their knowledge. We always monitor courses, and read all the feedback given to courses. We will do our very best to train all tutors so that they can excel in their teaching. Any course that is displaying inappropriate material or is getting consistent bad reviews will be blocked from the platform.

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How are hours and social points calculated?

Social points are calculated using your average rating, the number of students you have taught and the hours you have spent teaching, after some calculations we get your social points. Hours are simply calculated by seeing how long each course is and how many courses you have taught.

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How is NextGen Tutors different from other platforms?

Here at NextGen Tutors, we believe that everyone has some knowledge that they can share with others if given the opportunity, and we would like to present everyone with that opportunity to learn and teach about their passions, completely free of cost while getting the best education possible. NextGen Tutors is a platform that will allow you to have a consolidated report for all your efforts regarding sharing knowledge with society, this report can then be shared as proof of all your efforts and hours.

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How can I contact NextGen Tutors?

There are two ways to contact NextGen Tutors:

- From the myprofile page: A user can send messages for any concern or a request for a new class.

- Through email:  send an email to 

In your email please put your tutor-id or user-id in the subject box, and then highlight your question or issue.

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